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My Name is Tonia, some call me Nia. I am a Mom, Wife, Daughter and Chef. I absolutely adore food...and I think at times it loves me back. I believed that homemade food is always better. And I put a touch of love in all the food I prepare for my family and also my customers. You may even fall asleep judgement there. We all have done it. That is how you know the food is 

I have been preparing food for family and customers since 2005. And I still get excited to see their first bite reaction. 

I make delicious food for family or friend gatherings, bridal showers, our most popular brunch functions and also our new date night. Now certainly don't forget the desserts. I mean you have to have a scrumptious dessert after a hearty dinner. 

So please take a look around and if there is an occasion that you have in mind, certainly reach out to me by email. Click on the "Get in Touch" button and it will send you to my email directly. Talk to you soon. 


"I decided to make some healthy life style changes and got her number from my sister. Tonia is very down to earth and easy to talk to about a customize meal plan. Would recommend her to any of my friends."

Avery Smith


 Consultation Tuesday's  9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Event Days - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Wednesday - Reserved for my Date Night Event.

Sunday - Reserved for my BRUNCH Event

Make sure upon the email to specify in detail of ANY Allergies.

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